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The stem of sugarcane, a massive tropical grass from the family Graminaceae, has the unique ability to store sucrose, a sugar that may crystallize. Its primary function is to industrially process the stalks to manufacture rum. It provides calories with minimal nutrients or health advantages, in contrast to the sugars present naturally in meals like fruit. But cane sugar can be a component of a healthy diet if you use it sparingly. 

The juice from sugarcane is used to make white sugar, jaggery (gur), and a variety of by-products such bagasse and molasses. For the manufacturing of fiber board, papers, plastics, and furfural, bagasse is utilized as a fuel.

SUGAR CANE sold by unit

Sugarcane Macronutrients data: 

Weight 100g
Protein 0.9g
Carb 16.39g
Fiber 8.37g
Water 71.91g

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