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Local businesses

Who we are

In this current environment, freedom of speech is being censored and quelled by those who believe they have the authority to do so. We here at StoresGo, believe you have the right to sell your legal products and services without the threat of being removed, taken down, and your revenue destroyed without warning. We are a small business, global marketplace that believes in community and individual prosperity. We believe that you are in charge of your own destiny. You have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and your ability to make money shall not be infringed upon. In order to compete with the big marketplaces that are controlling our everyday lives, we need the support of everyday people just like you.


Why StoresGo

StoresGo is the alternative to the mainstream ecommerce sites- We have very real relationships with our individual sellers who are regular people like you and me with families and aspirations to live the American dream. These sellers want to provide for their families and contribute to their neighborhood and the greater society at large. For that reason, we created this easy to use platform and system so that anyone can sell anything new or use from anywhere; And to be a part of an opportunity to earn revenue to feed their families and to make a legacy for their kids & community.



The big competitors

  • Uses ruthless competition that creates monopolistic and unfair practices for sellers.
  • Intimidate and manipulate incoming traffic to sellers’ store pages.
  • Force seller compliance
  • Use sellers' data algorithm to gain unfair advantages.
  • Uses buyers' data without buyers’ consent.

StoresGo Community Promise

  • Keeping commerce and success alive for individuals looking to do better for themselves and families.
  • Most importantly, privacy is our highest priority- We do not share your personal data with anyone.
  • Ensure the satisfaction of both our buyers and sellers.
  • Create an unrivaled, unique shopping experience.
  • We do not use our sellers’ data to compete with them, which means if you as a seller have a big ticket item that is making lots of sales, StoresGo will not use this information to build a replica and sell it to undercut your business.

Core Value

  • Supporting local businesses.
  • Money is kept in the community for individual and family prosperity.
  • Life is not about big businesses; it is not all about money & profits. However, it is about community and success in uplifting one another by doing our individual part.
  • We aim to provide an unrivaled, unique shopping experience for our buyers

Our Story

Although we focus on small community businesses, StoresGo (which was once Eishops) is a global marketplace connecting thousands of buyers and sellers around the world. We have created this robust platform to enable individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations to thrive and gain valuable economic opportunities. Our aim is to remain customer-centric and stay guided by our culture of overall excellence and caring for our local communities. We are making improvements everyday and seeking new ways to enhance our buyers' and sellers' user experience.

Our hope is to make StoresGo your one-stop-shop for everything you need to live your life, from assortment of products to array of services at your finger tip. You can find and order whatever you are looking for online and have it shipped to your desired destination. Although our business, platform, and services are constantly evolving, one thing that has remained the same is our desire to offer the best deals, curate a great selection of products and provide convenient services. We are always seeking new ways to delight our users.

For Sellers

On StoresGo, sellers get the opportunity to reach  your ideal customer and grow your business on a safe and secure platform that do not uncut your business, we do not compete with our sellers like the major corporations do. We offer individuals, businesses, and company a chance to succeed no matter their size background, or geographical location. Our buyer's success is our success.
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For Buyers

You can explore our expansive inventory of   quality and unique selection of products. You are also helping local mom-pops stores to thrive by ordering their products. We believe, Life is just not about big businesses, money & profits. However, it is about a community, success in uplifting one another by doing our individual part. StoresGo buyers get to enoy the best online shopping experience while helping our sellers put food on their table.
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Our People

Each day our staff wake up obsessing over giving our customers and sellers the best possible experience on the platform. We operate a unique platform that works like a startup- continuously improving upon existing functions, embracing positive change, and providing the excellent service that customers expect from us.  Our passion for complete customer satisfaction drives our innovations and helps us make a valuable improvement to our services.



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