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Coconut water is a delectable, naturally occurring electrolyte-rich beverage that can support your heart, regulate your blood sugar, promote renal health, and keep you hydrated and refreshed after exercise.

Coconut is the perfect replacement for snacks high in carbohydrates because it is low in carbs. It includes vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like potassium, sodium, manganese, copper, iron, and vitamin B. Our bone health benefits from manganese.

In Husk Waternut Coconuts Sold per count

The white tissue inside a coconut is known as coconut meat.

Coconuts are large seeds produced by tropical coconut trees (Cocos nucifera). Their brown, fibrous husks hide the flesh within.

As the oil and milk derived from this fruit have grown in popularity, many people may be wondering how to use coconut meat and whether it has any health advantages.

Nutritional information
Coconut meat is rich in fat and calories, but low in carbohydrates and protein.

1 cup (80 grams) fresh, shredded coconut flesh nutrition information
✶ 283 calories
✶ Protein content: 3 g
✶ Carbohydrates: 10 kcal
✶ 27 calories of fat
✶ 5 gram sugar
✶ Fiber content: 7 g
✶ Manganese accounts for 60% of the daily value. (DV)
✶ Selenium: 15% of the daily value
✶ Copper accounts for 44% of the DV.
✶ Phosphorus: 13% of the daily value
✶ Potassium: 6% of the daily value
✶ Iron: 11% of the daily value
✶ Zinc: 10% of the daily value


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