Tio Paco | Fresh Peeled Garlic | 24 Oz


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In an extensive tasting of garlic substitutes, we discovered that pre-peeled garlic tastes nearly identical to fresh garlic. It's possibly a little milder, but most of the people who participated in our tasting couldn't tell the difference.


But peeling garlic takes a long time. Abd, peeling garlic on a daily basis is nearly impossible in our hectic lives.

What if I told you that you didn't have to go through this? Buy pre-peeled garlic to save time and temper. It's just as good as the supermarket heads. It's sometimes even better. If you've ever cracked open a head of garlic and ended up with a dusty, moldy, wizened, or sprout-laden clove, you know that "fresh" garlic can be anything but.


This is never an issue with pre-peeled cloves, which are usually in perfect condition: firm, clean, moist, white, and ready to use. (Moreover, unlike the mysterious paper-clad heads of garlic, you can see if they're in bad shape and avoid them right away.)

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Tio Paco | Fresh Peeled Garlic | 24 Oz

Why Choose It:

✵ Garlic Aids in the Boosting of Your Body's Immune System

✵ Garlic Aids in the Reduction of High Blood Pressure

✵ Garlic Aids in the Reduction of Cholesterol Levels.

✵ Garlic Aids in the Prevention of Cancer.

✵ Garlic has antibacterial properties.

✵ Garlic may help prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

✵ Garlic Has the Potential to Improve Athletic Performance.

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