Lalo Haitia Lalo Dried Jute Leaves


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Depending on where they are grown or cooked, jute leaves are also known as saluyot, ewedu, or lalo. The edges of the leaves are slightly toothed. Jute leaves are generally flavorful and tender when harvested young; older leaves, on the other hand, tend to be fibrous and woody.

Haitian Lalo is a delectable, savory stew made from Jute leaves and spinach. It's the ideal vegan make-ahead meal that's bursting with flavor! Our quick and easy instant pot recipe for Lalo or jute leaves cooks in about 45 minutes. Buy the freshest Lalo Haitian Lalo Dried Jute Leaves from storesgo.

Lalo Haitia Lalo Dried Jute Leaves

Why Choose It:

✵ This vegetable could be a good source of functional food for dietary intervention in the management of type-2 diabetes and its associated complications.

✵ Jute leaf supplementation restored hepatic -ALAD activities and improved liver antioxidant status in diabetic rats, indicating its hepatoprotective properties.

✵ Jute food helps to lower the amount of cholesterol in the human body's blood.

✵ Jute leaves is effective in preventing cancer

✵ Jute leaf is rich in antioxidants and keeps toxins free from the body.

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