Marinela Gansito Filled Snack Cake

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Do you feel like having anything tasty? Snack cakes made with gansito will quench your thirst. Savour the flavour of a delightful snack cake layered with crème and artificially flavoured strawberry filling. It's finished with a thick covering of artificially flavoured chocolate and sprinkles for an unforgettable taste. Gansito snack cakes are always wrapped for freshness, so there's no need to visit the bakery. Kids can eat them as a nice treat after their soccer game or while sharing them with friends together with a glass of chilled milk. Adults adore Gansito snack cakes as a decadent little treat or to go with their afternoon coffee. Marinela embodies enjoyment! Favourites like butter biscuits and crème-filled chocolate cupcakes are among our offerings, along with some unusual kinds.

Marinela Gansito Filled Snack Cake

Marinela Is in You.

  • A snack-sized cake filled with rich crème and sweet strawberry filling artificially flavored
  • Includes two Gansito snack cakes, wrapped together for freshness
  • Great to pack in lunch boxes, as an after-school treat, or to eat on the go

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