Bimbo Cuernitos Croissants 3.54 oz
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Bimbo Cuernitos are delicious for merienda, breakfast, and other occasions. You may eat Cuernitos in whatever way you choose; they are rich in flavour but nevertheless light and flakey. Like all Bimbo breads and pastries, they are made with love. Cuernitos, which are wrapped to maintain freshness, are excellent for lunchbox packing, an after-school snack, or a hearty lunch when paired with a cup of soup. They taste great straight out of the oven, but they may also be reheated up to enjoy them warm. For an incredibly simple dessert, try cutting them open and spreading some jam, butter, or even hazelnut spread over them.

Bimbo Cuernitos Croissants 3.54 oz

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