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the fibre-packed tropical fruit

This tropical fruit needs no introduction. We find mango in hundreds of dishes, smoothies and juices and even as an accompaniment to salads, sauces or desserts. At Agroponiente, we produce and sell up to 3 different varieties of mango: Kent, Osteen and Keitt. You will recognize the Kent mango by its red or yellow rounded oval shape with a tint of green. It has thick skin, and its juicy flesh has high sugar content. If you need to eat fibre, the Kent mango is your best bet; it eases digestion.

The Osteen mango is the second variety of mango that we produce in Agroponiente. We grow it on the coasts of Malaga and Granada. Its shape is also oval, and it is famous for its unique purple colour and tasty pulp.

The third variety we produce from Agroponiente is the Keitt mango, which has a sweet and fruity flavour and a slight acid touch.

Like melons, watermelons will also help us healthily lose weight – they’re low in calories. And there is still more! In addition, thanks to its high antioxidant content, watermelon is an ideal fruit to fight inflammation.

Mango Sold by pound

Mango Sold by pound

Mango Sold by pound

Mango Sold by pound

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