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The Gala apple is taller than it is wide and has a lighter red exterior and yellowish interiors. The flesh of Gala apples is firm and crisp. Recommended for kids, this apple has thinner skin and easier to bite. It also has a sweet vanilla-like flavor that many people love.

On the other hand, Red Delicious is a type of apple that heavier at the bottom and features a dark red exterior and creamy white interior. It is considered to be a juicy yet soft apple, so it does not cook well. With regards to taste, it is a bit bland.

Based on a 2000-calorie daily diet, studies have shown that a medium-sized Gala apple can give you 2% of daily vitamin A and iron requirement. It can also deliver 8% of your dietary vitamin C requirement.

One mineral that is abundant in a Gala apple is potassium. In fact, it can provide you with 5% of the amount your body needs to stay healthy

APPLE GALA sold by pound

APPLE GALA sold by pound

APPLE GALA sold by pound

APPLE GALA sold by pound

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