Pulpa de Tamarindo (Sweet Tamarind Pulp) Bag 12oz


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Tamarind pulp is made from the citrussy flesh inside the tamarind pod. Though the tamarind fruit is related to peanuts and chickpeas, the brown-red concentrate has a sticky, date-like consistency with distinctively tart and fruity flavours.  

Unlike tamarind paste and concentrate which can be thin and watery, tamarind pulp is made of 100% shelled tamarind pods and hence a small amount goes a long way in recipes.

Tamarind pulp is often used in Thai cooking, it is diluted into a popular Mexican drink called agua de tamarindo, and is even thought to be one of the mystery ingredients in the original Worcestershire sauce recipe.

Pulpa de Tamarindo (Sweet Tamarind Pulp) Bag 12oz

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