Ducales Crackers 10.37 Oz

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​​​​​​One of the most popular cracker brands in South America is called Ducales. Special crackers with a distinct salty and sweet flavour are called Ducales Crackers. Delicious cracker made with 62% cereal and elements that are necessary for a healthy diet (egg, malt, and milk). It tastes different since the first crisp texture becomes soft in your mouth. Perfect to eat on its own or combined with a meal at any time of day. Light and tasty crackers with a sneaky hint of sweetness and salt.

  • DUCALES CRACKERS: Light and delicious crackers with a sweet-salty secret touch
  • QUALITY CRACKERS: Made with eggs, milk, 62% cereal, and other essential ingredients for a well-balanced nutrition
  • PANTRY STAPLE: Ducales Crackers are one of the leading crackers sold in South America

Ducales Crackers 10.37 Oz

Ducales Crackers 10.37 Oz

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