Virogrip- Nighttime Tea

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Extra-strengthy therapy for the following conditions: Nasal congestion, burning throat, fever, cough, cold, flu, headache, and body pain. Before retiring to bed, mix the contents of the envelope with hot water and drink it.

Consult your doctor right away and stop using the product if you are hypersensitive to it or experience any side effects. We advise you to always read labels, cautions, and directions before using or ingesting a product and not to depend primarily on the information provided.

Virogrip- Nighttime Tea

Ingredients: Contains: Acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, pseudoephedrine and chlorpheniramine to relieve headache, general malaise and lower fever. Chlorpheniramine that eliminates tearing, itching and runny nose. Dextromethorphan that calms the cough. Phenylephrine that clears nasal congestion.

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