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To create a rich, flavorful broth, Swanson Beef Broth is made with real, premium beef and vegetables that have been harvested at the height of freshness. Every batch of Swanson Beef Broth is gently simmered, adding layers of roasted beef and pan drippings, and is prepared to enhance the flavor of your handmade dishes. In addition, our broth is 100% natural, completely devoid of fat, gluten, and MSG, just like homemade broth. Start with Swanson Beef Broth in a 32-ounce resealable carton to make mouthwatering beef soups, beef stews, and more! Taste the Swanson Difference. At Swanson, we think that every family deserves to eat home-cooked meals of the same high caliber as the time spent enjoying them.

Swanson Beef Broth, 32 oz

Swanson Beef Broth, 32 oz

No artificial ingredients and only minimally processed

  • RICH FLAVOR FROM QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Swanson beef broth is crafted from high quality roasted beef, pan drippings and vegetables picked at the peak of freshness for richer flavor
  • 100% NATURAL* BEEF BROTH: No MSG added, no preservatives, 100% fat free, and gluten free [* No artificial ingredients and only minimally processed]
  • MAKES EVERYDAY COOKING EASY: Create flavorful weeknight meals, from quick soups to skillet dishes, Swanson broth is a go-to pantry staple in your kitchen
  • PERFECT FOR HOLIDAY COOKING: Bring out the best in your Thanksgiving recipes with Swanson broth’s unique balance of flavor
  • CONVENIENT PANTRY STAPLE: This Swanson broth ships as an individual 32-ounce resealable carton that’s perfect to stock in your pantry

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