Sunny Fields Fresh Peeled Garlic | 5 lbs


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It's just as good as the supermarket heads. It's sometimes even better. If you've ever cracked open a head of garlic and ended up with a dusty, moldy, wizened, or sprout-laden clove, you know that "fresh" garlic can be anything but.


Garlic cloves should not be washed before cooking or eating raw. Crush the clove or cut it in half and peel away the outer layers. Because fresh garlic can contain dirt, it's best to wash it before cutting it, especially if you intend to eat it raw.


Whole garlic should be stored between 60°-65°F, and most people keep it in the pantry. Refrigeration is now the best storage solution for garlic that has been peeled or chopped. It will keep for about a week if sealed in an airtight container or zip-top bag.

Sunny Fields Fresh Peeled Garlic | 5 lbs

Why Choose It:

✵ Ready to eat

✵ Fresh and not need to wash

✵ Have the proper food quality to preserve its freshness

✵  To keep fresh garlic on hand, you can store it submerged in olive (or vegetable) oil

✵ Make your cooking time hassle free

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