Packed Sparus aurata fish sold by the pound

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The gilt-head bream, also known as Orata in antiquity and still today in Italy and Tunisia, is a species of bream found in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern coasts of the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of its low fat and high protein content, this fish is recommended for low-calorie diets. Gilthead sea breams are also high in calcium and phosphorus, which help to build strong bones. And, of course, their high Omega-3 fatty acid content makes them an excellent choice for people of all ages.

It is typically 35 centimeters (1.15 ft) long but can grow to 70 cm (2.3 ft)

The gilthead bream is a Mediterranean fish that can grow to be 70 cm long and 6 kg in weight (Balart et al., 2009). It has eleven dorsal spines, thirteen to fourteen dorsal soft rays, three anal spines, and eleven to twelve anal soft rays.

Packed Sparus aurata fish sold by the pound

Why Choose It:

✵ It is considered the tastiest fish among the Sparid family

✵ Its juicy flesh and savory taste it has become one the world’s most popular fish

✵ It is perfect to cook in the oven, grilled, or accompanied by sauces

✵ This fish is recommended for low-calorie diets

✵ Omega-3 fatty acids make them a very healthy choice for all ages.

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