La Chona Oaxaca Cheese (12 oz.)

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This Oaxaca cheese (Spanish: Queso Oaxaca), according to its Oaxaquenian history, is a white, semi-hard cheese from Mexico that has a texture akin to string cheese and is comparable to unaged Monterey Jack. Although they have a similar texture and flavour, Oaxaca cheese is significantly drier due to the distinct production processes used.

It's perfect for most Mexican recipes, such quesadillas, loaded enchiladas, and sincronizadas, because of its flavour and quality. However, you may also use it as a kid's snack or in fondue. Forty percent of your daily calcium needs are met by each serving. That's what we mean when we say it's tasty and nourishing.

La Chona Oaxaca Cheese (12 oz.)

  • Melting cheese
  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Great flavor

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