Hawija's Chile de Arbol


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Chiles de árbol are milder than cayenne pepper (30,000-50,000 SHU) but significantly hotter than jalapeo pepper (2,500-8,000 SHU). They have a nutty, smoky flavor that is enhanced by toasting.


Originally from the Mexican states of Jalisco and Oaxaca, these spicy peppers are now grown all over the world. Chiles de árbol are typically 2-3 inches long and ripen from green to bright red in color.


Use them to supplement or as the star of a marinade for meat or fish. Alternatively, incorporate them into your favorite brownie or other chocolate dessert. Jinich uses chile de arbol in salad vinaigrettes and crumbles it on pasta and pizza like crushed red pepper flakes.

Hawija's Chile de Arbol

Why Choose It:

✵ Use as red pepper flex

✵ contain minerals like calcium and iron, making them a spicy way to strengthen your bones

✵ arbol chiles contain a special compound called capsaicin, which is helpful in lowering blood pressure and treating inflammation

✵ add heat and spice, especially chili, salsa, and hot sauces

✵ Improves Digestive Health and Metabolism

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