GOYA Blackeye Peas 14 oz

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GOYA 14-Oz Blackeye Peas. A tasty addition to the extensive selection of dried beans that GOYA® offers is their Blackeye Peas. Once cooked, these delicious peas take on a delicious creamy texture. They are an ideal component for making a wide variety of cuisines, such as salads and rice dishes. Serving them on New Year's Day is believed to bring wealth in the southern states of the United States. They are also a staple in the African American soul cuisine tradition and are used to make Hoppin' John, a meal consisting of pork, rice, and peas. We suggest soaking them beforehand for a speedier preparation process, and cooking them best in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

GOYA Blackeye Peas 14 oz

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