Fiji Natural Artesian Water (500 mL, 24 Pack)

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Fiji Natural Artesian Water, 24 pack (500 mL) Equatorial trade winds cleanse the clouds that start Fiji Waters' voyage through one of the remaining unspoiled ecosystems in the world on a remote Pacific island 1,600 miles from the closest continent. The natural minerals and electrolytes that give Fiji Water its smooth, mild flavor are gradually gathered as tropical rain gently percolates through layers of volcanic rock and falls over a pristine rainforest. Deep below the surface of the Earth, in a naturally occurring artesian aquifer, the water is protected from the outside environment by impenetrable rock strata. The water is bottled at the source, away from human touch, until the cap is unscrewed, due to natural pressure pushing the water towards the surface. One percent of every transaction is donated by Fiji to environmental charities.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water (500 mL, 24 Pack)

Fiji Natural Artesian Water (500 mL, 24 Pack)

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