Dulce Cana Brown Sugar Azucar Necra 3 Kg| 6.6 lbs

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Dulce Caa is the most popular sweetener brand in.. This households, dulce caa is the preferred sugar. Its natural products packaged in Puerto Rico offer a dependable solution for the consumption of sugar in its various forms: Sugar, refined Natural sugar The black sugar Sugar made from coconut Sugar Turbinado Dulce Caa's commitment to Puerto Rico extends beyond sugar, as evidenced by its recent Puerto Rich products. There are no calories. Sweeteners: Aspartame, Sucralose, and Stevia Breakfast Options: Flour

Dulce Cana Brown Sugar Azucar Necra 3 Kg| 6.6 lbs

Why Choose It:

✵ A plastic jar containing 2 pounds of pure cane sugar brown sugar

✵ No additives or preservatives, making it ideal for drinks and everyday cooking. dissolves in an instant

✵ Dulce Caa brown sugar is a delicious and flavorful pantry ingredient to keep on hand.

✵ Verified by the Non-GMO Project

✵ Brown sugar has more nutritional value than granulated sugar because of the addition of molasses.

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