Ducal Frijoles Volteados (Refried Black Beans)


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Refried beans are most commonly made in the United States with pinto beans. Most Tex-Mex restaurant meals include them as a side dish. They've also become a popular dip for corn tortilla chips. Many tostada, chimichanga, and pupusa recipes include refried beans as a main ingredient.


Refried beans contain nutrients such as fiber, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Ducal Frijoles Volteados (Refried Black Beans)

Why Choose It:

✵ Traditional Latin cuisine dish, now delivered to your door.

✵ Cholesterol-free and high in protein.

✵ Delicious as an accompaniment to your favorite dish or as an appetizer on its own.

✵ Simply heat, serve, and scoop your favorite chips at parties.

✵ Packaging is convenient.

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