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Cranberry Beans Health Benefits
The distinguishing feature of cranberry beans is their high content of dietary fiber, protein, and minerals, — especially iron. Besides, they are rich in antioxidants, specific vitamins, and amino acids. No wonder that these beans have incomparable value for maintaining the body`s overall health. Here are several examples of their beneficial influence on your health:

Cranberry beans contain less than 2g (per 100g) of fat and almost no cholesterol. Moreover, their insoluble fiber reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. The beans are rich in potassium — which is vitally essential for the operation of the heart — and antioxidants that protect blood vessels.
Their high content of folate – 190mcg, which ensures 90% of the daily requirement – it prevents cells of DNA from mutation. Insoluble fiber helps to cleanse the digestive tract and makes cranberry beans an excellent treatment for constipation.
They add red color to your blood. Cranberry beans are rich in iron and copper—the minerals — which play an essential role in forming blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.
Cranberry beans have a low glycemic index. The beans reduce sugar absorption in the blood due to the high amount of dietary fiber.
They add to your energy and vigor. As an essential source of protein – about 45% of the daily requirements per 100g – Cranberry beans are wonderful energetics that eliminates fatigue and makes you healthy and more enduring.
They aid in weight loss. Rich source of dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, cranberry beans help manage weight loss. Insoluble fiber makes your diet more satiable without adding calories. Complex carbs also help suppress appetite.

Cramberry Bean Sold by pound

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