Comino Entero | Whole Cumin | El Chilar |Spice Herbs |1.5 oz


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Cumin is the most flavorful indian spice. Mostly use on the indian and pakistani recipe. Both whole cumin seeds and powdered powder are available; both are used in recipes. Whole cumin seeds, for instance, are used in Indian cuisine. At the beginning of the meal, the whole seeds are put to hot oil to infuse the oil with flavor, which then permeates the rest of the components. The seed can easily be briefly toasted over medium heat in a dry skillet to bring even more flavor.


The flavor and aroma of cumin are warm and earthy with a hint of both sweetness and bitterness. The whole seeds must be toasted to achieve the best flavor.

Comino Entero | Whole Cumin | El Chilar |Spice Herbs |1.5 oz

Why Choose It:

✵ Boosts consumption of antioxidants.

✵ Enhances digestion

✵ Iron is provided.

✵ May enhance blood sugar management and maybe lessen food-borne diseases.

✵ Higher supplement doses have been connected to reduced body weight and better blood cholesterol.

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