Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes


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Others would assume you were born with lovely, rich eyelashes because Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes look so real and natural. Each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to obtain the best quality, using 100 percent sterilized human hair. They're simple to apply, comfy to wear, and stay there till you take them off when you use ardell lash grip eyelash adhesive. Each pair of shoes can be worn for up to three weeks. Inside the packaging are application and care directions.
These lashes are just great - not too full, not too light. They're not too daunting for beginners because to the medium volume and length, and the flared design offers a slight cat-eye impression. These medium volume, medium length Ardell False Eyelashes Glamour Black are the perfect fake lashes to combine with your eyes whether you're attending a conference, a night out, or a party! On a casual day or even on formal events, these faux lashes will beautifully accentuate and complement your eyes to achieve that perfect dreamy and glamorous effect!
Natural hair that is sterile: These Ardell falsies are meticulously handcrafted with real 100 percent sterilized hair and will look and feel just like your own. To provide you this new generation of premium lashes, product creators collaborated with expert make-up artists and lash specialists. Its soft, high-quality hair strands will make you feel like you're wearing your own hair and will add life to your look.

How to put this on: 

➜ Check the fit by aligning the lash band with your natural lash line. If necessary, trim the outside end.
➜ Wait 30 seconds for the lash adhesive to get tacky after applying a small line of it to the lash band.
➜ Gently press down on the lash band to attach it as near to your natural lash line as feasible.
➜ Simply pull the lash from the outer border and carefully remove the glue from the band to the inside corner to remove it.

Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes

Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes

Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes

Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes

Product Specification: 

✷ 100% Cruelty-free Item Made by human hair
✷ Easy application and Comfortable to wear as its not weight too much
✷ The adhesive power is great and stay secured till you pull them off
✷ With proper cleansing and maintenance you can reuse them
✷ Flared lash style: shorter at the inner corner and longer at the outer corner
✷ Ideal for beginners with medium volume and length

Ardell Studio Effects Strip Lashes pair with faux lash and mink eyes effect with medium weight the perfect false lash for the beginners.

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