Sunny Pack Plates No.6


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These 100% recyclable foam plates are available in a wide range of sizes and forms to accommodate any need in your cafe or establishment.

Use them to serve fruit and sweets, as well as for elegant dinners and lunches.


Expanded polystyrene foam, sometimes known as EPS, is the foam you once knew as Styrofoam. This substance is formed of polystyrene, a plastic commonly used to create transparent products like lab equipment or food packaging.


Polystyrene containers without a microwave safe label should not be microwaved as their safety cannot be guaranteed. This is due to a substance called styrene, which is present in polystyrene containers and has been connected to cancer.

Sunny Pack Plates No.6

Why Choose It:

✵ They might degrade biologically.

✵ They might be recyclable at the curb.

✵ Possibly dishwasher safe

✵ They might provide better visuals of food products.

✵ They could be created with eco-friendly materials.

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