Rock Garden Cilantro

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The small white or pink blossoms that emerge in bunches as cilantro plants mature are what produce the seeds. Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), a member of the parsley plant family Apiaceae, is sometimes known as Chinese or Mexican parsley.

Producing cilantro, a herb with flat leaves akin to parsley, is more complicated than growing a typical herb. A spice with a lemony flavor and fragrance may also be found there.

Some gardeners love cilantro because of its somewhat peppery and lemony flavor. Others assert that cilantro has a harsh, soapy, or metallic flavor. Genetic variances may affect how cilantro tastes and smells to each individual, which helps to explain why some people enjoy it and others despise it.


Rock Garden Cilantro

Rock Garden Cilantro

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