Pringles BBQ Potato Crisps Chips, 5.5 oz

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Following the "pop" of a Pringles BBQ can, what happens next? The flavor of barbecue—tangy and crisp—that never fails to please. Comes with one 5.5-oz can of creatively designed Pringles Barbecue Potato Crisps. Each crisp is satisfyingly tangy and is very light, crispy, and never greasy. You can easily create your own munching moments wherever and whenever you like with this handy container. Bring a can for the game and extra for other Pringles lovers. Grab a can for a post-school pick-me up or to take in lunchboxes. Keep a can in your pantry or workplace for anytime consumption. Bring Pringles to your next gathering to get your family and friends excited.

Pringles BBQ Potato Crisps Chips, 5.5 oz

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