President Brie Soft-Ripened Cheese, 8 oz

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President brie, made in the French manner from just 100% cow milk, is a mainstay at every gathering. It has a snow-white, edible rind and is soft and creamy with a moderate flavor. One of our most versatile cheeses, you may bake it for a warm snack, put it on a cheese plate, or use it in a torte to balance the sweetness of fruit. Inspirational dishes include baked president brie with apricots and walnuts, toast with berries and jam, baked president brie with fresh grape leaves, and baked president brie with a harissa marinade. President Brie Soft-Ripened Cheese, 8 oz. is a paperboard-packaged, refrigerated/chilled product.

President Brie Soft-Ripened Cheese, 8 oz

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Food Allergen Statements

Contains Milk


Remove your brie from the refrigerator and allow it to warm up to room temperature for 30 to 45 minutes. The flavor and aroma will fully emerge and your brie will be even creamier! Keep refrigerated.

Safe Handling Instructions

Keep Refrigerated. Best if used by date stamped on packaging.

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