PeruChef Pasta de Aji Panca 8oz

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One of the most popular chile peppers in Peru is used to make Pasta de Aji Panca Panca Hot Pepper Paste. This chili has a fruity, berry-like flavour that complements stews, sauces, and fish dishes. It has a low heat level. Big, reddish-purplish aji, called Ají Panca or Colorado, is usually crushed and sun-dried before use. Since it's flavorful without being very hot, it works well in a range of recipes. Known alternatively as Ají Especial, it is served as a condiment. It tastes amazing, like sun-dried fruit.
One 8-ounce bottle of Panca Hot Pepper Paste (pasta de Ají Panca).
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PeruChef Pasta de Aji Panca 8oz

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