Nestea Venezuela Instant Iced Tea

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Do you enjoy those times when you can unwind and do nothing? Who doesn't like it? Nestea Iced Tea can help you experience this sensation. Peach flavor and sweetness are added to tea extracts. Nestea is a pleasant beverage that is packed with flavor and vitamin C deliciousness, making it ideal for times you just want to relax. Each glass of Nestea Peach Ice Tea (150ml) provides 52 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements: allergies Milk solids may be present. Use 1 tbsp. (13G) Nestea powder in a glass of cold water (150ml). Stir everything together thoroughly. As desired, add 2 ice cubes. Store in a cold, dry, and sanitary location.
A light tea brew lifted by the fresh, sweet flavor of peach
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