Natural Fragrance 6-in-1 Wild Berries Air Freshener, 10 oz |


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Most air fresheners do not actually eliminate odors. Rather than removing the odor, masking fresheners simply mask a bad odor with another scent that appears more pleasant to our senses. But for the long time fragrance you can order this wild berries air freshener, because its natural fragrance stay for a long time at your house.

Natural Fragrance 6-in-1 Wild Berries Air Freshener, 10 oz |

Why Choose It:

✵ The classic popular air freshener that their filled paded, and organic material which is soaked in a concentrated perfume. The new fragrance Wild Berries (Wild Berry)

✵ Up to 60 days fresh fragrance in your car, home, flat or in the office. Available in different fragrances.

✵ The car fragrance L & D aroma of ticos are made in the you Almeria. L & D. places Great emphasis on the product of this high quality, hit with attractive design

✵ We have many more other scents available in our shop

Package x 1 Air Freshner

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