Marinela Pineapple Creme Filled Cakes Choco Roles, Pineapple


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When you buy Marinela Choco Roles, you know you are getting deliciously simple snacks the whole family will enjoy.

Sweet Treat: A rolled chocolate snack cake stuffed with decadent crème and sweet, artificially flavored pineapple filling. 

A luscious, artificially flavored chocolate coating is applied to the delectable cake to create a truly wonderful dessert.


Eight Choco Roles snack cakes, each individually wrapped for freshness, are included in this set.


Fun & Flavor: Choco Roles snack cakes are delicious to munch while on the go or to carry in lunch boxes. 

The portable, individually packaged snacks are perfect for active families.


Share the Laughter: Chocolate Roles snack cakes may make any day feel like a holiday. 

You'll understand why they are so deliciously irresistible after just one bite. 

If you can contain yourself from devouring them all yourself, share one with your friends and family.

Marinela Pineapple Creme Filled Cakes Choco Roles, Pineapple

Brand Marinela
Item Form Rolls
Flavor Pineapple

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