Macaron Bites Vanilla French Macarons, 24 Count

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Apple Bites 24 Count Vanilla French Macarons Enhance your events. ideal for any situation. French macarons are made of two cookies that resemble meringue and have a thin, crunchy outside and a moist, almost cake-like inside. To provide the ultimate taste temptation, we have sourced the finest ingredients from all around the world. Our French macaron is a stylish alternative that will undoubtedly wow your guests because it has such delicious fillings and a wide range of colors. For those looking for sophistication and elegance for their next special occasion, we cordially extend an invitation to sample a taste of heaven and provide your guests with a tantalizing experience they won't soon forget.

Macaron Bites Vanilla French Macarons, 24 Count

Cookie Type

Macaron Cookies

Food Condition

Fresh Bakery

Food Preparation Method


Retail Packaging

Single Pack

Count Per Pack


Size Descriptor



Macaron Bites




For best taste, consume at room temperature. Best within 14 days of delivery. For longer shelf life, freeze airtight up to 60 days.




Organic Almond Meal (Gluten-Free), Powdered Sugar, Sugar, Butter, Pasteurized Egg White, Vanilla Bean Paste

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