Kam Long Coconut Milk| 1 Can


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Kam Long Coconut Milk, It is simply shredded coconut flesh pureed with water and strained to produce a rich, shock-white liquid that can add body, flavor, and richness to soups, curries, wilted greens, and other dishes.


Coconut milk has health benefits when consumed in moderation, but too much can have negative consequences. Coconut milk has a high calorie and fat content. A high intake of coconut milk combined with a carbohydrate-rich diet can lead to weight gain.

Kam Long Coconut Milk| 1 Can

Why Choose It:

✵ It aids in weight loss. 

✵ It contains antioxidants. 

✵ Electrolyte balance.

✵ Prevents heart disease.

✵ Strengthens the immune system.

✵ Prevention of anemia.

✵ Healthy hair and skin.

✵ Anti-inflammatory properties.

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