Jarabe Berro y Cebolla Quisqueyano 8 OZ

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nutritional add-on. Complex vegetable extract of radish, watercress, and onion with mint flavor and added omega 3, honey, vitamins, and minerals to support immune system health.

It is a syrup and is filled with various ingredients, including a lot of sugar. I'm not sure how efficient it is. For a child in Cuba who has a respiratory condition, a friend of mine fervently requested this product. The farmer father who made the request came prepared with an empty syrup bottle for reference. The father was eager to get it because his child seems to enjoy it a lot. So, I hope. Although I don't practice medicine, how can one refuse such a request? The expensive item was given away.



Jarabe Berro y Cebolla Quisqueyano 8 OZ

Why Choose It:

✵ Nutritional supplement. nutritional supplement.

✵ Plant extract complex to help support a healthy immune system.

✵ plant compound

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