Goya Minced Garlic -- 4.5 oz

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Garlic, minced (GOYA). Add Goya Minced Garlic to dishes to enhance its flavor. It is flavorful and ready to use. This product is conveniently dispensed from a jar. Goya garlic can be used to improve a wide range of foods, including meat, vegetables, and soups and stews. Goya has a variety of ingredients that you may use to quickly boost the taste in your cooking. Having these ingredients on hand will make preparing meals easier and faster.

comes in a handy container that makes dispensing simple. 
Give meat, veggies, and stews more taste.
Basic Goya ingredients offer a simple means of enhancing the taste profile of your cuisine.
Close the lid after using.

Goya Minced Garlic -- 4.5 oz

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