Fanta Grape Soda Fruit Flavored Soft Drink, 2 Liters

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Selecting the ideal fruit drink can be a complex process. But the choice is simple when a lovely bottle of Fanta Grape is at the ready. Why?We're not simply purple when it comes to being grape; we're amazing. It feels like your worst adversary is handing you grapes one by one off a silver tray while you sit on a daybed. It's awesome that they voluntarily agreed to do it. Just a minute ago, while you two sipped delightful caffeine-free Fanta Grape sodas, you guys made up.This kind of flavor has been produced by Fanta for a very long time. Not like a tortoise's lifespan long or Jurassic long, but most likely before you were born long.

Fanta Grape Soda Fruit Flavored Soft Drink, 2 Liters

About 6 serving per container

Serving size

(12 fl oz)


Amount per 12 fl oz



% DV
2% Sodium 40mg
16% Total Carbs 45g

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