Danibisk Gayeton Fiesta


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The name of this cookie is "Party" in actuality! One of Venezuela's all-time favorites is Danibisk Gayeton, which is enjoyable and delicious!


Many chocolate-covered vanilla cookies are available, but ask any Venezuelan—Gayeton is hands-down the best! Crispy, tender, and chocolaty The vibrant sprinkles give it the ideal crunch and appeal!


Visit Danibisk Gayeton a little bit at your kids' next party! These are an absolute hit with both children and adults! They will transform into a much-anticipated snack when paired with milk!

Danibisk Gayeton Fiesta

Danibisk Gayeton Fiesta

Why Choose It:

✵ Gayeton Danibisk Chocolate and sprinkles are drizzled over vanilla cookies.

✵ Box of 10.

✵ contains 200 grams or 7.06 oz.

✵ contains soy, wheat, milk, and gluten. contains potential peanut traces.

made in Venezuela.

Venezuelan classic cookies

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