Cris-Sal Gourmet Fine Cristal Sea Salt 17.63 Oz


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Gourmet crystal salt is a natural product from Ecuador in South America that crystallizes on the water's surface. It is carefully gathered to add the finishing touch to dishes right before serving. Use this fine crystal sea salt for cooking, baking, and seasoning to make your cuisine even more wonderful. the world's half. This sea salt is unlike any other salt you've ever tasted; with just a pinch, it will spice up your cuisine and add flavor to every bite.
SPECIFICALLY LUSCIOUS 17.63 Oz is a convenient size for a pantry for this sea salt. Fine crystal salt, as opposed to regular table salt, has a delightful flavor without being sharp or unpleasant.

A traditional salt is our Fine Crystal Sea Salt. It is a basic medium grain salt that is ideal for daily use. It has a delectable flavor and is a terrific all-purpose salt to have on hand. It can be used in your kitchen for cooking, baking, pickling, and a lot more things.
Health advantages Our gourmet sea salt is the purest and best salt available on earth. It's a fantastic all-purpose salt to have on hand because it has flavor and a delectable taste. Because it maintains the natural equilibrium, our fine cristal sel sea salt is healthier than table salt. the range of necessary minerals, giving the body access to over 74 critical trace minerals & elements This sea salt is a nutritious accent to any dish or recipe.

Cris-Sal Gourmet Fine Cristal Sea Salt 17.63 Oz

Flavor Flavored
Weight 17.63 Ounces
Specialty Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher

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