Color Block Bracelet - Orange & White


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Size gradient bracelet with orange and white color block pattern and white center bead

Made on wire

8" patttern 

.75" light gold clasp

Color Block Bracelet - Orange & White

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Color Block Bracelet 

Make a new style proclamation with our colorblock beaded bangle wristband. These hip and beautiful bangle arm bands are GOT NOW on Size gradient bracelet with orange and white color block pattern and white center bead.

Product Details:

  • DIY and INDIVIDUAL DESIGN : Using great finish metal globules, the length of the tile arm bands is 18.5cm. Try not to stress that the rainbow arm band will stall out in your grasp. We give you additional rope and tile dots. The female lacquer tile wristbands for ladies has a movable inward measurement from 2.1 in to 2.5 in . You can modify the most reasonable size as indicated by the expansion or diminishing of the dots. 

  • 100% HANDMADE: Designed by our top creators, the most recent hot-selling polish arm bands for ladies made of variegated treats hues, indicating your free appeal, appropriate for dance club, weddings, dates, sea shores, parties ,feast. On the off chance that you are burnt out on conventional adornments, you can attempt this tile wristband for women,LOVE arm band can be worn alone or together to give you an alternate encounter. 

  • WEAR-RESISTANT and COMFORTABLE: The finish wristband is made of zinc amalgam, and the surface is covered with thick lacquer. Contrasted and different arm bands, rainbow tile arm bands has higher scraped area opposition without stress over the danger of blurring and falling. dots arm bands for ladies utilize straightforward strong flexible rope for coordinating. It won't break in the wake of extending, making the tile wristbands for ladies more flexible and more agreeable to wear. 

  • PERFECT GIFTS and COLLECTIONS: Rainbow arm bands for ladies outfitted with flawless bundle sacks can permit you to part with companions, darlings, relatives, the style LOVE wristband and stunning bundle are consolidated into a female blessing. At the point when you are not wearing it, you can likewise place it in a gems box for assortment. Nobody will reject an adorable arm band. Multicolor tiles can consummately coordinate your garments on any event.

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