Breath of God by Dr Eddie Lawrence


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From The Author: 

Jenny Lawson is the funniest person you know. And if you don’t know her, just read one of her books and she becomes the funniest person you know. It’s like a magic trick.

A big part of this is because Lawson’s writing style is so casual and personal that it generates a kind of instant author-reader bond, an intimacy between brains. When you read Lawson’s stories, she seems familiar somehow, like a friend or a sister or a neighbor. That’s when you realize she’s the funniest person you know, even though you don’t really know her. (But you kind of do.) Of course, none of this works without the funny, and Lawson can bring the funny.
Her new book, Broken (in the best possible way), is yet another showcase for Lawson’s exhilarating blend of heart, humor, and nuclear-grade lateral thinking. Among the topics explored: marriage, Satanic rituals, the U.S. Post Office, ambient anxiety, lizards, dentists, editors, canine genitals, and experimental transcranial magnetic stimulation for treating severe depression. Lawson is renowned, and beloved, for speaking frankly about her experiences with mental illness and for applying the miracle medicine of laughter to our collective open wounds.
So, this book took several years—I want to say four years, it might even have been more than that. The way I work is that I wait for interesting or funny things to happen to me, and then I become inspired by those. But until I know exactly how I'm going to write it, I tend not to start it. Because if I have something written down, and I don't like it, I will usually just delete it. So I'll wait, and all of a sudden, it'll come to me: Oh, this is how I write it, in list format! This is how I'm going to put this together!

Pages 192
Isbn 10 084992118X
Isbn 13 978-0849921186
Author Dr Eddie Lawrence
Publisher Nelson Book (May 30, 2006)
Publish date May 30, 2006
Language English

Breath of God by Dr Eddie Lawrence

Breath of God by Dr Eddie Lawrence 

Just as we desire a close relationship with God our Father, so does He long to draw us to His side. In this in-depth biblical study, Dr. Eddie Lawrence looks closely at our natural longing for God, and he shows us how our pursuit of true intimacy with the Lord can help determine our destiny. Let Dr. Lawrence demonstrate for you how to find your true purpose for this life by receiving your "Breath of God" through the Holy Spirit.

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