AutoShack Catalytic Converter with Exhaust Pipe Replacement

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Catalytic converters turn airborne pollutants into less harmful gasses and improve the efficiency of your vehicle. A compromised catalytic converter causes your engine to misfire, lowering your vehicles fuel efficiency and causing it to emit harmful pollutants.


  • ISO / IATF 16949 Certified, direct fit and made from high quality materials to meet original specifications. Pipe may be 2 pieces for easy installation.
  • Precious metals and large substrate minimize pollutants in your exhaust. Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.
  • Quality inspected and tested - high heat resistance, low emissions and sounds levels
  • Special design for maximum flow increases the power and performance of your engine
  • Designed to fit your specific vehicle - no modifications required

AutoShack Catalytic Converter with Exhaust Pipe Replacement


  • Due to increased emissions standards, this item is not certified for sale in California, New York, Maine and Colorado.
  • If your vehicle is registered in California, New York, Maine or Colorado DO NOT BUY this item.
  • This part meets federal emission standards and is not intended to replace parts built to California standards.
  • Any modifications of any kind will void all warranty coverage for this item.
  • Warranty is voided if catalytic converter substrate is melted or broken; this is due to an issue with the car itself and not the catalytic converter.
  • Due to its size and shape it may encounter cosmetic flaws during its stocking and shipping process. The powder coating finish is designed to add shelf life by minimizing surface scratches which may deteriorate over time due to temperatures reached once in use.
  • Products damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, improper repair, improper installation, alteration or modification will not be covered by the warranty.
  • O2 sensors must be replaced when you replace the converter or warranty will be void. We have determined that failure of either the front O2 sensor (the front wide-band sensor), also known as an Air-Fuel Ratio Sensor or the read downstream sensor, can trigger a false P0420 code. Both sensors should be replaced with you replaced the converter.

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