2.5 Lb Organic Pitted Dates


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Nothing Added – No added sugar and no preservatives… only sun-ripened organic dates! Our Deglet Noor, or “date of light”, dates are grown in the warm sunshine and handpicked. These moist, sweet treats are great for cooking or snacking straight out of the bag. What is Dried Fruit? Dried fruit is fresh fruit that has been dried naturally in the sun or in dehydration machines. Moisture is removed from the fresh fruit, which makes it more portable and convenient than fresh fruit. However, it does not remove the natural vitamins and antioxidants, making dried fruit as healthy and good for you as fresh fruit! What is the proper way to store my dried fruit? Mariani product should be resealed when not being used, and ideally stored at room temperature. Mariani products can also be refrigerated, but it’s not necessary to do so. The beauty of dried fruit is that it can withstand varying degrees of temperature and still taste great. Keep a bag in your car, backpack, locker or anywhere you need to grab a quick snack. Are your products available in other countries? Yes. The Mariani brand can be found in the UK, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong and Thailand. Additionally, our products are used as ingredients in the most popular brands of cereals and baked goods throughout the world. How do I know when my dried fruit is too old to eat? All Mariani products have a BEST BEFORE date located on the back of the packages. The month and year lists the ideal shelf life of the fruit. Are your products Kosher approved? Most of our products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Just look for the circle U symbol next to the product name on the front of our products.

2.5 Lb Organic Pitted Dates

Weight 2.5 Pounds
Size 40.0 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Brand Mariani
Package Weight 1.33 Kilograms

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