Gelish Xpress Dip Color Kit

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Since it was the first gel polish to come in a bottle with a brush for quick and simple gel application, Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish revolutionized the industry. Over 200 colors have been produced by Gelish as of today. We maintain quality as our top priority and are PETA certified!


Includes 23g Xpress Dip Clear As Day, Xpress Dip June Bride, 23g Xpress Dip Scandalous, 100/180 Buffer, and 100ct Lint-Free wipes. Includes Dip Prep, Dip Base Coat, Dip Activator, Dip Top Coat, Dip Brush Restorer, and 2oz Nail Surface Cleanse.

Without any mess or gummy brushes, dip your way to beautiful nails.

Gelish Xpress Dip Color Kit

Gelish Xpress Dip Color Kit

Why Choose It:

✵ Step 1: Following the completion of the nail prep, coat the middle third of each nail with a thin layer of Base Coat Dip. To avoid smudging when using a dark or neon color, we advise applying sheer powder like day or sheer and silk to the foundation first.



✵ Step 2: Quickly dip into the powder jar of your choice for Xpress Dip. Repeat steps 1 and 2 after pressing out any excess. * Do not overload product. Base Coat Dip should be applied in thin, even layers to avoid clumping. At a 45-degree angle, plunge into the jar while keeping your finger still.


✵ Step 3: Paint all of your nails with Dip Activator.

✵ bStep 4: To seal the nail, apply a coat of Base Coat Dip and let it air dry.


✵ Step 5: Use the 100/180 Buffer to polish and refine the surface.


✵ Step 6: Dip Activator should be applied to all nails. With a lint-free wipe, remove any extra dip activator.


✵ Step 7: To seal and produce a high shine, use two coats of Dip Top Coat.


✵ Step 8: After allowing the nails to air dry for five minutes, massage Nourish Cuticle Oil into the skin around each nail.

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