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The Cuccio Pro Powder Nail Polish Color Dip System is a new way to give salon and spa clients up to 14 days of professional nail color with the wearability of a gel and the durability of an acrylic. This system uses specially formulated resins, an advanced activator, and finely slurry powders to create a super vibrant nail color that sets with unbeatable shine. The Cuccio Pro nail powder dip system has many benefits, including zero dry time, up to 14 days wearability, and no odor. It is also lightweight and easy to remove.

Cuccio Pro Colour Powder Dip

Main Benefits of this system:
STRENGTH - produces a much stronger, harder wearing finish than gel polish
ODOUR FREE - because the system utilises adhesive rather than acrylic monomer
LIGHTWEIGHT - the end result is a very natural looking, thin nail with all the benefits of the strength of acrylic
COLOUR - vibrant colours - choose from pastels, brights, glitters, or French manicure - or apply just clear or original pink for a very natural look
PERSONALISATION - the coloured powders can be mixed to create hundreds of shades - match to your client's exact requirements
VERSATILE - can be applied over natural nails or short nail tips
EASY TO APPLY - the system is incredibly easy to apply
SPEED - a full set can be applied in 20-25 minutes - this means more profit for you as more sets can be applied in a working day

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