Storesgo Review 2020-2021 – The Key Features Sellers Must Know

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Posted on March 09, 2022


Within a short span,Storesgo has managed to set a firm foot in the world of e-commerce. It is accessible to sellers anywhere in the USA and Mexico to sell their merchandise hassle-free.

This article will give you a detailed yet precise overview of the various features; Storesgo has to offer, its pros and cons, and whether it is right for your business.

The global pandemic has been foundational to the rise in online shopping, and e-commerce platforms are booming. However, for a newcomer in online business, it can be challenging to decide where to start. You might have heard or perhaps read about many e-commerce sites, Storesgo being one of those. 

This extensive review will provide you with all the information you need to know about Storesgo and why it is the best, perhaps the most economical option for your new B2B or B2C business.

This article has gathered all the necessary questions and information you might need before starting your online business at SroresGo!

What is Storesgo?

Storesgo is an e-commerce platform that allows sellers to sell first-hand efficiently and second-hand merchandise. The site itself has an easy-to-use interface with various features to equip you in starting the online business you have always dreamt of.

With its state-of-the-art marketing strategies, operational facilities and SEO tools, and abundant other features, Storesgo is the remarkable accessory for all your business-related needs.

Storesgo believes in optimal usage of time to receive results that are efficient and remarkable. Therefore, when it comes to online selling, newcomers in e-commerce always choose Storesgo for a smooth-running and profitable business.

 The sign-up process is fast and economical. You can start selling at Storesgo within a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds!

How Does Storesgo Work?

To make it quick for new entrants to start their business, Storesgo has designed a site with features so distinctive yet easy to use.

What Features Does Storesgo Offer?

There are two models of managing a business at Storesgo. You can either run a business-to-business (B2B) or a business-to-consumer (B2C).

1. Business-to-Business (B2B)

To operate a B2B model, Storesgo allows its sellers to create custom websites on the platform provided by SroresGo, at no additional cost to the seller for buying a web-hosting platform or additional features.

B2B owners can sell both physical and digital products. Storesgo does not restrict its sellers from venturing into profitable niches; instead, we are here to make the process easy-going.

The initial stages of setting up a B2B are simple, and back-end programming is a straightforward process. To ensure that every B2B has access to Storesgo’ state-of-the-art marketing tools, every store is laden with SEO tools and parameters like product keywords, image name, custom title/product tags, meta tags, meta description, and much more.

Every B2B site will be optimized for reaching the maximum target audience to promote your merchandise.

Customization of Store

  • Themes

Storesgo recognizes the need for a user-friendly interface that binds the buyer to your store and increases conversions. To make this happen, we offer multiple themes to choose from so that you can customize your store's page according to your brand's style and taste. This will not only help in keeping the buyers engaged but improve the overall reputation of your brand.

  • Sellers’ Contact Information

To engage and connect with your buyers to ensure they keep coming back to your store, we allow our sellers to add their personal contact information on the store's web page. This will provide the buyers with the necessary information they need to contact you in case of any queries or concerns. Such characteristics will only improve the transparency of your business and increase customer loyalty.

  • Social Media Links

B2B customers can link their Storesgo store page with their brand’s social media pages. This will provide a direct linkage to their target audience from various social media channels to their shop. Such measures improve the brand’s outlook and standing among customers as it is easier to browse the shop and buy the product.


Cyber-security is a matter of concern for many online shop owners, and Storesgo makes sure that its sellers do not have to worry about their store’s security from possible cyber-attacks, like hacking of the storefront and tampering with the inventory, etc. Moreover, SroresGo provides SSL encryption for payment getaway through credit and debit cards to ensure your business's smooth running.

Fastest Payout

As an online seller, you are extra careful of your time, and we understand that. Storesgo realizes that every minute saved can be surfed in maintaining the stability of your business. Therefore, we offer the fastest payout options to our sellers. Your time is, in fact, money.

To make sure your trivial tasks and business operations are not affected by a disruption in your cash flow, we provide you the opportunity to withdraw income earned faster than our competitor e-commerce platforms.

Mobile Application

The global pandemic has changed the way businesses function; whether small- or large-scale, every business needs a strong internet presence that gathers the largest target audience and allows you, as a seller, to control your business's functioning anywhere and at any time.

To accommodate this, when a B2B store is created with Storesgo, it is automatically functional for usage on a mobile device. These seller stores are also available on the Storesgo app; now, the sellers can operate businesses right from their mobile devices.

Add to Cart Option

With a B2B store, sellers get abundant features to increase their store's reputation among the buyers. For this purpose, Storesgo has enabled an "add to cart" option, which allows sellers to add products they like to the cart and continue browsing until they are ready to checkout and pay for the items bought.

This is a crucial feature in ensuring customers stay hooked to your store, as a lot of buyers prefer adding items to cart and paying for them later, once they are done browsing through everything.

2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Like other top-notch e-commerce platforms, Storesgo provides a "hosted" solution to sellers as well. Storesgo owns the servers it operates on, and there is no external web hosting that you need to sign up or pay for to run a B2C.

This implies that to sell your merchandise on Storesgo, you do not need to have a coding or web development background. Neither is there a need to download external software. All you must do is register as a seller, start listing your products, and begin selling!

Once you register as a seller, Storesgo offers abundant features for you to create your online store, promote it using Storesgo’ various marketing tools to build the business you have always dreamt of.

The only prior knowledge you must have is the know-how of conducting a business and the resilience to keep going. Along the way, if you stumble upon a page or task which is  beyond your knowledge, our 24/7 customer support is here to guide you.

  • Store Function

The primary advantage of B2C owners is the efficiency with which they can manage their online store from anywhere. For this, the sellers need not buy or install external software. All they need is internet access to to look over the progress of their business.

For those who are always on the go, you can access your online store via the SroresGo mobile application, which can be downloaded from the app store.

  • Inventory

SroresGo allow its B2C sellers to manage their inventory through SroresGo Seller Panel. Sellers can also access their inventory in the SroresGo mobile application.

  • Other Features

Since B2C sellers do not have a personalized site, SroresGo equips them with various other features like free marketing tools and strategies, along with helpful guide article on our blog, opportunity to display their products on the site’s main page, an easy-to-use interface which can be customized according to your brand or business, and live customer service.

SroresGo also offers a fast shipping option to B2C sellers and even free shipping on some products. SroresGo understands the struggles of small businesses; therefore, we provide our B2C sellers with all the necessary information and tools.

General Features


SroresGo  accepts various forms of payments, giving its clients a wide range of options like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and there is also an option of buying gift cards for the customers. 

Transactions are protected via SroresGo Payment Security System to ensure that you receive the due return of selling your products without having to worry about anything. Further information about SroresGo’ payment policy can be accessed here.


Contrary to popular e-commerce sites, SroresGo is 100% free for its sellers! There is no extra cost to sell on SroresGo.

Since selling on SroresGo is entirely free of cost, there are no trial periods. You can start and quit whenever you find it convenient. For sellers operating a B2B, creating a personalized store is free as you are not required to pay a hosting fee.

However, there is a 10% reduction in merchant fees only when your products are selling, and you're earning money. The 10% fee charge is calculated from the total sales price; this includes the item's cost, shipping charges, and any other additional charges like gift-wrapping.

There are no hidden additional charges to the seller for marketing their product on SroresGo. However, it is up to the seller if they want to market their product using organic or paid traffic - which of course, bears a cost to the seller – either way, SroresGois fully equipped with SEO tools to promote your business.


Sellers at SroresGo have the liberty to set their shipping fee amount and duration or take assistance from SroresGo. To do so, the seller must set the product’s weight, and our server will automatically calculate the shipping costs.

There are options for offering free shipping discounts and promotions, along with additional features likegift-wrapping.

Considering the impact the authority has on a business, SroresGo gives its sellers the power to decide shipping services options, from USPS, FedEx, or DHL, sellers can choose whatever they deem appropriate for their business.

Production Variation

Unlike popular e-commerce platforms, SroresGo understands the need for diversity, and variation in products is crucial to run a successful business. Therefore, with SroresGo, you do not have to restrict the qualitative characteristics of your products.

SroresGo offers sellers to enlist various sizes, colors, patterns, designs,etc. of a single product, with various categories. We understand that to run a successful business, you must cater to customers' differing needs, which is only possible by offering variations of a single product.

Apart from product variation, SroresGo also allows its sellers to create unlimited product categories and collections. The more diversified your business is, the more likely it is to reach a wider audience and generate maximum revenue.

Type of Goods

From medicines and PPE equipment to home care and clothing items, SroresGo allows business owners to sell any sort of product or merchandise, as long as it is legal and in-demand – we understand that the current global pandemic has shifted the buying preferences of a lot of consumers to online stores – therefore, SroresGo has no restriction.

First-hand and second-hand items, both, can be sold on SroresGo. We even allow sellers to sell digital products, as there is a stark increase in their demand. There is also no limit on the number of digital products being sold by one seller, unlike other e-commerce sites.


Undoubtedly one of the most thriving e-commerce business models of 2020 is dropshipping. Many people rely on this income stream for earning their bread and butter, and now you can start this on SroresGo. For further information regarding drop shipping, read our informative guide here.

Marketing Tools

Starting a business may not be the most difficult task for an aspiring business owner; however, the promotion of products to broaden the clientele can be tiresome for many.

To ensure that your brand’s message gets across hundreds and thousands, if not millions, effective marketing tools and strategies are necessary for every business – no matter how big or small.

Sellers of B2B stores can also opt for paid traffic options, which comes with additional costs to the seller. For B2B sellers, SroresGo places at their disposal opportunities like starting a blog to enable sellers to publish articles,vlogs, podcasts, and even infographics to their store. Content creation specific to the business will keep customers engaged with the brand or business and possibly convert first-time buyers into recurring buyers.This would allow sellers to save money, which would otherwise be spent on marketing strategies external to the SroresGo platform.

In the age of the global pandemic, digital marketing strategies are the top priority of every business to increase their revenue, and this can cost a lot, especially to small businesses. SroresGo considers your business needs and is ready to assist you.

Our B2C sellers can promote their products on the SroresGo homepage free of cost. This is done once SroresGo does a quick run-through of sellers regularly to make sure each seller gets an opportunity to market their goods on the main site. Since this is the first page that most first-time buyers visit and if your product makes it to that page, it is a golden opportunity for your business.

Such tools and tactics allow SroresGo to remain loyal and faithful to its customers and make sure your business, whether small or big, gains maximum customer attention and revenue.

Apart from on-site marketing tools, SroresGo realizes that not every new business owner is equipped with sufficient knowledge of running a successful business. Therefore, we provide free business strategies and marketing tips, and lots more to our seller on the SroresGo blog. The information provided is free of cost to all SroresGo sellers, unlike popular e-commerce sites.

Optimizing Product Listing

To abet our sellers in gaining maximum traffic to their storefront and sell more, we have equipped SroresGo with modern marketing tools, like SEO. The product description must be precise and optimized for search engines to increase organic traffic to the store’s page.

SEO Tools

Sellers can optimize their product listing by employing best SEO practices, like conducting extensive research on their product, competing sellers, and their product descriptions to enlist keywords that are most relevant and sought by the target audience.

We suggest, once you have gathered all the relevant keywords, to add these into all sections of the product listing, from the title of the product, to the description, and also the meta-description, which will be displayed on the search engine when a potential buyer searches for the product you are offering.

In terms of the site’s overall look, SroresGo provides these that are responsive and optimized for efficient user experience. Such SEO practices will help buyers in browsing through the store swiftly and smoothly.

High-Quality Images

Since visual content is more appealing to the buyers than written, we suggest you insert high-quality, professional-grade images of your product. This would enhance customer's attention towards the product that your brand offers, even if it is the same product a hundred others are selling.

Make sure to precisely mention the highlighting features of your product – its uses, advantages, everything. Sellers must be careful about the needs and wants of their buyers, and SroresGo recommends you highlight all these aspects in the product description.

Customer Service

Studies have stated that attracting new customers can cost you five times more than retaining the existing clientele.

Once your customer base is satisfied with your product or the quality of your service, your reputation will only enhance, and revenue will increase. However, it can be difficult to keep your customers hooked onto your brand if the support and service you provide wavers easily. Therefore, SroresGo believes in increasing its transparency by increasing loyalty to their customers.

We provide 24/7 support and assistance to our sellers; our friendly customer care team is actively engaging with the sellers to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of all businesses on SroresGo. There is a 24-hour live support system available within our circuit, as well as a website chat option for your queries and concerns.

SroresGo grants its customers services and facilities that are beyond comparison with any of its competitors.

Business Reports

As a business owner, you realize the importance of reports, whether sales, marketing, or financial. Whether small-scale or a large-scale business, reports provide a benchmark to compare the past performance with the current period and aid in making better decisions for the future operations of a business.

SroresGo facilitate their sellers by giving them access to downloading business reports and data sufficient to gauge business performance. 

Sellers can download all reports from the Seller Panel in .csv format. These reports can be regarding products, inventory, sales, expenses, revenue, and much more.There is no need to install or use a third-party to download and export your business-related data from SroresGo to your computer, unlike what other e-commerce platforms demand.

Tax Policy

Online money-making of any kind is met with some skepticism by tax authorities, whether you own an e-commerce store, a blog, or even a YouTube channel!

Since sales can be made in various ways, with more than one income streams filling your bank account, such features alarm the authorities, and business owners are thrown with various tax rates.

To comply with every government's orders and taxation policies, SroresGo permits sellers to handle their taxation matters independently. Sellers are responsible for the collection and payment of all sorts of taxes.

If purchased items are shipped outside the seller's country, the product's recipient must pay any excise, import, service-related taxes; neither SroresGo nor the seller is responsible for paying this. For further information, sellers can read SroresGoTax Policy here.

Privacy Policy

Privacy concerns are justified for any business owner, whether it is a brick-and-mortar shop or an online store. SroresGo guarantees its sellers that the content and information they provide is safe.

However, sellers must know SroresGo will collect information that proves our clients' identity, mainly through their registration as sellers, when buyers place an order, or through email marketing.

In terms of legal and safety-related issues, SroresGo reserves the right to retain, preserve, or release members’ personal information to a third party, like a legitimate authority. Sellers can access a detailed copy of the SroresGo’ Privacy Policy here.

The Pros and Cons of selling at SroresGo

Pros For Selling on SroresGo:

  • More product variations than other e-commerce platforms. Shopify only allows sellers to offer three variations of each product, whereas SroresGo has no limit on product category or variation.
  • Business reports can be installed within a matter of seconds; there is no need to install or use a third-party app, which most other e-commerce platforms demand their sellers to use.
  • SroresGo provides free e-commerce resources and business tips to its sellers.
  • Sellers can create a B2B or B2C store without paying any registration fees or additional charges.
  • SroresGo do not charge additionally for hosting an online store to B2B sellers.
  • Sellers are not charged a listing fee for enlisting their product on their online store.
  • Free marketing opportunity is equally provided to all sellers by SroresGo itself.

Features to Come:

  •  SroresGo offers B2B stores to sellers for free, for a limited time only. Although you must pay afterward, this is still a better option than what competitors of SroresGo offer. Most e-commerce platforms have a 14-day trial period, which does not have many features that SroresGo offers its sellers for free, even if for a short period.
  • At the time, SroresGo operates in the USA and Mexico only and aims to expand the business operations in different currencies and beyond the boundaries.
  • SroresGo intends to offer "abandoned cart recover," which allows sellers to contact buyers who leave their purchases incomplete. This feature helps sellers offer discount codes and promotions to buyers. SroresGo  does not currently offer this feature.

Why Should You Sell on SroresGo?

The million-dollar question is here!

Finding a good online platform to create your dream business or brand can be a tough decision to make, but we intend to make this decision easy.

SroresGomay be new to the e-commerce marketplace, but it surely offers a plethora of features, most free of cost, similar to or better than its competing e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify. The primary aspect of creating an online store on SroresGo is that there is no registration fee or any subscription charges that need to be paid monthly, unlike Amazon, Shopify, and others.

SroresGo is also a relatively new marketplace, so there is not much competition, as compared to popular sites like Amazon, where a single product has over 1000 sellers, no matter how huge the buyer count is, but here’s the catch!

To operate an online store on Amazon, eBay, or even Shopify, sellers must spend extra time and money promoting their brand and products, which is not the case with SroresGo. SroresGo provides its sellers with free marketing tools and tactics to help their businesses progress.

Final Thoughts

SroresGo is undoubtedly a good investment for a business that desires to venture into the world of e-commerce or a newcomer who wants a share of the online marketplace to sell their merchandise without any hassle or difficulty. Since the platform is new, continuous changes are being made to improve the user experience on the site, and a variety of new features and tools are added to the site now and then.

If you have a small business of apparels, hand-crafted goods, books, electronic goods, or any selling item but want to shift from the social media marketplace to an actual e-commerce site, then this is your place to be; or if you previously engaged with customers through a brick-and-mortar shop, but the global pandemic has reverted your business operations, SroresGo can be your new worksite.