King Research Talc Talcum Soothing Cooling Scented Powder

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Excellent aftershave talc with a pleasant scent. It performs and smells exactly like Pinaud talc. However, because Pinaud talc costs more than $3 less than King Talc on Amazon, I would recommend the Pinaud. Please keep in mind that Blue Co Brands now own King Talc, and the new packaging has a very classic appearance. That being said, the image shown by Amazon (as of July, 2015) of the now-classic packaging you've most likely seen in barbershops is not the same as the current packaging you'll most likely receive.


About this item

  • Formulated with natural talc for soothing tender skin
  • Use for neck dusting to provide fast and cool comfort
  • May be applied to skin after spa treatment to absorb moisture and leave the skin smooth and silky
  • Powder is lightly scented

King Research Talc Talcum Soothing Cooling Scented Powder

Why Choose It:

✵ Natural talc is used to soothe sensitive skin.

✵ Use to dust your neck for instant, cool comfort.

✵ After a spa treatment, apply to the skin to absorb moisture and leave it silky smooth.

✵ The powder has a light scent.

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