Empanadas Dough Avanti


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Empanadas are turnovers made of baked or fried pastry dough that is then filled with whatever meat or filling you desire. The dough for empanadas is less flaky than pie crust (although you can substitute frozen pie crust dough in a pinch). It has a softer texture and absorbs the filling without becoming soggy. This dough can be used to make baked or fried empanadas, which are both delicious as a finger food.


Empanadas Dough Avanti

Empanadas Dough Avanti

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INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, water, margarine (cow fat refined, water, emulsifier E471, preservative E211, antioxidant E330), salt, wheat gluten, preservatives (calcium propionate E282 and sorbic acid E200), monoglycerides of fatty acids, citric acid (E330) and L-cysteine. Contains wheat.

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