With Color Club's new Serendipity Nail Dipping Powder, you can have your favorite shades of the brand in a quick and easy to use system. There are over 100 different colors available in a 1-ounce jar. For the best results, use SERENDIPITY treatments with your work. Combine Color Club nail polishes and gels for a new look. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Color Club Serendipity

Color Club Serendipity

Why Choose It:

✵ The paint will last for a long time and be chip resistant. 

✵ Your mood affects your color choice. 

✵ This professional-sized formula is easy to apply and comes in 1 oz jars. 

✵ Using serendipity treatments (sold separately) will give you the best results. You don't need LED or UV light to get the desired effects. 

✵ This coordinating set of 100 colors (sold separately) will help you create beautiful designs.

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