Color Capture DECOLOR Color Bleach


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Color Capture Decolor Powder Blue Bleach 1 pound is a powerful bleach powder. It has a concentrated formula that is dust-free and non-drip. Decolor Blue is a superior whitening powder that is faster and brighter, with extra strength whitening action that lifts up to 7 levels. Designed for simple on-scalp or off-scalp use. It remains moist and creamy throughout the application process.

About this item

  • Dust-free powder bleach
  • Beautiful, uniform color results
  • Gives 8+ levels of lift
  • Can be used with all major color developer brands - Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, L'Oreal, Wella etc. Also with Ugly Duckling Cream Developer.
  • For Professional Use Only

Color Capture DECOLOR Color Bleach

Why Choose It:

✵ powderless powder bleach

✵ The color is beautiful and even.

✵ It has 8+ levels of elevation.

✵ It is compatible with all major color developer brands, including Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, ✵ L'oreal, and Wella. Also works well with the ugly duckling cream developer.

✵ Only for professional use.

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